Parents. Together. Achieve

Cheder's PTA is a team of devoted parents working to enrich our children’s educational experience! Our goal is to create more school collaboration between staff, parents, and students. We hope to create a vibrant and positive atmosphere of gratitude and pride. Throughout, we will promote Cheder core values. This year we are excited to offer interactive events that help strengthen the Cheder commUNITY and improve our facilities.  Our ongoing programs will highlight our tremendous appreciation for the amazing educators, staff and administrators our children are fortunate to learn from every day.

We invite you to get involved in any of our activities that take place throughout the year. Consider becoming a volunteer, find fun ways to earn your give/get, meet other parents, and play an important role in the Cheder commUNITY.

Parents United for the Success of Our Children

PTA Board

Leah Fouhal

Rina Osmunson

Rochel Telsner

Lifsha Weissman

Devorah Werbler

Libby Wolf

Please CLICK HERE to view PTA volunteer opportunities and earn your give/get.