Invest in Kids Scholarship Tax Program

The State of Illinois legislature passed the Invest in Kids Act (35 ILCS 40/1), which created scholarship opportunities for families with limited financial resources to attend private schools, such as ours. 

UNFORTUNATELY, the program was due to sunset in 2023 and our legislators did not extend the program into 2024.

LAST YEAR WE AWARDED OVER 234 SCHOLARSHIPS thanks to this program. 

*Instructions for claiming your 2023 tax credit:

Please share the following information with your accountant or tax preparer:

To file your 2023 Invest in Kids Tax Credit, you will need to submit IL Schedule 1299-C and enter the information in Lines 21-41 as follows: 

Column A - Years Left to Carry = 5.  

Column B - Credit Code = 5660 Invest in Kids. 

Column C – IL Tax Year Credit Earned = 2023

Column D - Identifying Number = enter the Certificate No. from your Invest in Kids Certificate of Receipt. 

Column E - Credit Earned or Carried = Enter your tax credit amount. This number equals to 75% of your donation to Empower Illinois.

Column G - Total Credit = Enter credit amount again.

Column I - Credit Applied = Enter the total credit you'll be applying to the 2023 tax year. 

Column J - Credit Carried Forward = Enter credit amount you'll be carrying over into 2024 or beyond.

Please note: If you made more than one contribution, you will need to fill a separate line for each contribution with its Certificate of Receipt.

You can find your Certificate of Receipt by logging into your MyTax Illinois account> click "More" > click "View Letters" in the Unread Letters column > "Invest in Kids Cert of Receipt".