Charitable Gift Annuity- Creating A Jewish Legacy

The Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) is an agreement between you and Cheder to pay you or your designated beneficiary, a fixed annuity for life. A CGA can be funded with cash, stock, and in most cases real estate. The payments vary according to the age of the annuitant. You can enjoy significant tax benefits while providing a legacy gift to Cheder.   

                     How Can A Charitable Gift Annuity Work For You? 

• A charitable gift annuity to Cheder will pay a fixed annuity for life

• Receive a guaranteed income stream for life far above market rates

• A CGA is the easiest gift that will benefit both the donor and Cheder

• The remainder of your gift will go towards our institution

• You can donate appreciated stock to fund the annuity 

• A portion of the income stream is Tax Free

• A Gift Annuity is irrevocable 

• A Charitable Gift Annuity is a wonderful vehicle to leave a legacy to the Jewish people


Contact Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf for more information at 773) 716-6521 or [email protected] 

Below are the current rates from the JUF for 2013:

Current Age  

 Payout Rate













 Two-life and deferred rates available.