School Age Programs

We believe each child is born with a unique set of gifts and talents, which, if properly nourished, will lead to a deeply rewarding, productive life.

We plan to offer different choices to our students, all guided by professionals in their field. We are currently working on the following programs; Martial Arts, Chess, Sports Instruction, Swimming Instruction and Music.

Today's parents are bogged down with long work hours, large families and the hubbub of everyday life. We are certain that through the before/after care programs, not only will the positive attitude of our youth increase, but the students’ academic success will improve as well. We plan to evaluate our program each year, and based on its successes we plan on expanding the program to reach more students and offer even more programs.

Success will be judged through parental and student feedback, but more importantly we plan on gauging student success by a rise in student performance.

(our rates are based on a 170 calendar day "school year" which begins in September and ends in June. Summer care is billed separately on a prorated schedule.) 

$2,800 for part time, drop off no earlier than 7:20am / Prorated at $16.50 per day