Dear Parents,

On behalf of Cheder we would like to invite you to join the Parent Teacher Association. We are a diverse group of parents, teachers and staff members excited about the future of the kids at your School. Join us and help make a difference in their lives—including the one’s closest to your heart!

The goal of the PTA is to support the school, encourage parent involvement, support teachers and organize family events. The students reap the benefits by the involvement and support of all the adults involved.

Joining the PTA makes this job a little easier. We provide an excellent opportunity for parents to meet one another, get comfortable with the school and its staff, and support each other’s common goals. Plus, we have a lot of fun in the process!

We also appreciate participation, support, donated materials or monetary donations from any Community members. Please contact the school office if you would like to help the school. Thank you.

Your PTA needs your unique talents, whether it’s volunteering a few hours a month or a few hours a year, serving on the Board, attending meetings or sharing your ideas on the website …

Come join us!

PTA membership dues are $30.00 per family annually.

Kindly make your check payable to Cheder Lubavitch PTA.Your support is greatly appreciated. Let's make it a great year together!