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  • Find a CenterA Chabad House is a Jewish community center, serving the needs of the entire Jewish community; offering Torah classes, synagogue services, and assistance with Jewish education and practice. Find a Chabad Center near you!Read More
  • ParshahA comprehensive presentation of the weekly Torah reading, including translations, summaries and overviews, Rashi in English, and anthology of classical commentaries, essays based on the teachings of the chassidic masters, a wide selection of contemporary "Parshah Columnists," audio classes and a "Family Parshah" section for kids
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Cheder Updates
Sat, January 9, 2016
PTA Mother-Daughter Melave Malka
Fri, January 29, 2016
Kinus Haschluchos
No Cheder at Jarvis Friday or Monday; Preschool TBD
Sat, February 6, 2016
Boys' Shabbaton
Mon, February 8, 2016
Mid-Winter Vacation
No School February 8th through 14th